Sunday, July 21, 2013

Commercial memories

I saw a diaper commercial the other day that made me smile.

It started with a man driving very carefully down the road. Then they panned to the backseat where a woman was sitting beside an infant car seat.

You quickly figure out that it's a new Mom and Dad bringing a new baby home from the hospital.

The Dad looked into the rearview mirror and said something like, "Am I driving too fast?"

And that's when I smiled. I remember Jeff asking that exact question as we brought Biscuit home. That trip from the hospital to our house was one of the longest trips of my life.

We live 7.5 miles from the hospital, and I swear, it seemed like it took us an hour and a half. And of course, I was convinced that every bad driver in town was out to get us!

I'm always more aware of traffic and other people's driving when Biscuit is in the car. I think it's just a given for any parent. But having him in the car that first time, that was probably the most careful driving Jeff has ever done.

Biscuit was born three weeks early, so he was a tiny little man. He weighed 6 pounds and 2 ounces, and even the newborn-sized outfits we had were way too big for him. And other than preemie, NB (or newborn) is the smallest size they make!

Here's Biscuit looking so, so tiny on his way home.

The volunteers at the hospital knit little hats for new babies. The Dad's get
to pick them out. I just noticed that you can't even see Biscuit's right hand
because his sleeve it too long. I know he'll hit a growth spurt one of these days,
but he started small, and he's still small for his age (the statistics from
Biscuit's doctor show that 90% of kids his age weigh more and are taller than him.)
And yes, those pinstripes are on a New York Yankees outfit.

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