Saturday, May 28, 2011

Well, THAT's new!

When I was in kindergarten, we learned the letters of the alphabet using The Letter People.

There was Miss A-a-a-choooo, Mr. T-t-t-tall teeth and Mr. S-s-s-super socks (which I just noticed is missing from the picture below). These Letter People were inflatables that were about as tall as we were at the time. And they made learning our letters a lot of fun.

I went online to see if I could get some Letter People for Biscuit, but they were horribly expensive. You can't just buy the people, you have to get a whole kit of Letter People puppets, DVDs, books and workbooks. No thanks.

But I've got a while before I need to worry about teaching the boy letters.


Biscuit was sitting on our bed with Jeff and me, watching TV. There was a show on PBS that caught his eye, so we stopped there. It was a show for early readers, and as part of their story, they flashed letters on the screen.

"What is this letter?" the little boy asked as an "R" flashed on the screen. Then he paused, giving the kids at home a chance to answer.

"R!" Biscuit yelled. "It make r-r-r-r sound."


"What is this letter?" the little boy asked as a "D" flashed on the screen.

"D!" Biscuit yelled. "It make d-d-d-d sound."

Jeff and I had no idea. We are just constantly amazed at the stuff that child knows.

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Her Hollyness said...

i'm so glad you mention in the post that the letter people are inflatables -- i just thought they were these ugly, flat things that looked like tiddly-winks gone awry! (: (: