Friday, May 27, 2011

We got the giggles

I'm not sure what's gotten into Biscuit and me lately, but sometimes we just look at each other and crack up. I don't mean that we find something humorous. I mean we laugh until we're crying and having trouble breathing.

Two nights ago, Biscuit and I were lying on my bed. I was watching the last few minutes of a TV show, and Biscuit was climbing all over me. I twisted and dumped him off my back onto the bed, and then I looked at him, and we cracked up. Neither of us had said anything. We just looked at each other and lost it.

Sometimes I say that I'm glad nobody has a hidden video camera in our house or they'd think we were nuts. But two nights ago, I would've loved to have those moments recorded. It was pure joy.

I did feel kinda bad, though, because Jeff walked into the room and asked us what was so funny. Biscuit and I looked at Jeff, then looked at each other and lost it again. We weren't trying to exclude Jeff, but I honestly have no idea why we were laughing.

It happened again tonight. I was holding Biscuit across my lap, getting him to say hard words. (What can I say? I am terribly amused by my kid butchering complicated words.)

"Say 'antelope,'" I said.

"Antewope," Biscuit said.

"Say 'carburetor,'" I said.

I can't begin to spell his pronunciation, but that set us off. We laughed and laughed and laughed.

And before we could get settled down, Biscuit looked at me and said, "N-n-n-mickanus."

First of all, I wrote about his pronunciation of his friend Nicholas' name in March, and Biscuit is bringing it up again two months later?!? I can't believe he remembered us practicing Nicholas' name that long ago.

Secondly, he said "mickanus" knowing it would make me laugh. The fact that he's starting to hone his sense of humor makes me so happy. I love to laugh, and so does most everybody in my family and Jeff's family.

And I hope Biscuit realizes that I'll be the first one laughing with him, any time, anywhere.

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