Friday, November 1, 2013

Out of the mouth of my babe

A few things Biscuit has said recently:

An extra thank you: We taught Biscuit a short blessing to say before each meal. We told him that it's important to appreciate the food you have, and now, Biscuit says it with no prompting. If you ask him why he says it, he'll say, "Because it's a nice thing to thank God for the food we have."

One night after we had dinner, we decided to go out for frozen yogurt. We go to one of the self-service yogurt places where you pick one of about six flavors of yogurt, then you put on your toppings and sauces. The cost is figured by the weight of your sweet concoction.

Biscuit wanted his usual - chocolate yogurt with M&Ms. Jeff paid, and Biscuit led us to the only table in the place that has three chairs. Being the son of an orderly freak like me, Biscuit is bothered when we have to sit at a table for four because we don't have four people.

As we sat down, I realized we didn't have napkins. I walked up to the counter, and Jeff, being ever polite, was waiting for me to get back before he started eating his yogurt.

I guess Biscuit thought we were waiting for the blessing because the second I sat down, he clasped his hands together and said, "Bless this food for our good. Amen."

Jeff and I smiled at each other, and Biscuit said, "What? ... What? ... What's funny guys?"

"Nothing's funny," Jeff said. "You did a good job."

To the point: Biscuit and Jeff were eating breakfast the other morning.

Biscuit put his spoon down, looked at Jeff and said, "Dad, don't frustrate Mom today."

Yeah! What he said!!

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