Friday, November 22, 2013

Out of the mouth of my babe

A few things Biscuit has said recently:

Biscuit's books: Biscuit loves, loves, LOVES books. We read to him a lot, usually at his request. And every once in a while, he'll say something that makes it evident that we read to him a lot.

Remember how Biscuit scuffed up his face last week? Well, it's healing very nicely, but we've still been telling him not to touch the spot under his nose. He's been really good about it, but it's taken him a while to figure out which parts of his face he COULD touch.

Biscuit explained to me, "Mom, I can touch the side of my nose as much as I want, said Dad."

Not "Dad said I could touch my nose," or even "I can touch my nose Dad said," but exactly as it's often written in his books.

Word association: I've told Jeff that we have to be very careful what we talk about in front of Biscuit because he is all ears and has the memory of an elephant.

He's also getting better at finding the right word for the right situation.

Like when I make him sit down and write a few letters, he used to say, "Mom, writing my letters is bored." Now, he knows that "Writing my letters is borING."

It's the little things.

But sometimes, like the other morning, he'll say something that just tickles us.

Jeff was in the bathroom getting ready, and the hosts of the morning show were having a trivia contest. "Just call in and say the magic word, 'cash,'" the hosts said.

Jeff hollered from the bathroom, "Cash!"

And within a second, Biscuit said, "Register!"

"What? Are you playing $10,000 Pyramid?" I asked Biscuit.

He didn't get why it was so funny, but Jeff and I laughed and laughed. Funny, but that seems to happen a lot.

On walkabout: Biscuit plays superheroes all the time, and you never know which one he is, unless you closely study the props he has - sword, bow and arrow, shield, etc.

Jeff and I were sitting at the table after dinner tonight, and Biscuit came strolling through with a very serious look on his face. He had a bow thrown over his shoulder and had some arrows stuck down in the back of his shirt (when you don't have a quiver, you make do).

As he sauntered through, he used to fingers to make a casual salute, like men would do back when they wore fedoras, and said, "Nice evenin', huh?" and kept right on walking.

I told Jeff that Biscuit could've won an acting award for his portrayal ... even though I'm not really sure which superhero he was.

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