Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Replacement gift

So remember how Jeff and I had that big talk with Biscuit about being gracious about birthday gifts? How if he got a gift he already had, he should just say "thank you" and we'd get it all worked out later?

Well, we forgot to have that talk with him before he opened a gift from his aunt, uncle and cousins.

As soon as he tore the paper, he said just as nonchalantly as you can imagine, "Oh, I already have this." 


They just knew he was going to be so excited about the gift they picked out, and instead, their faces just fell.

One of the first Ninja Turtle toys Biscuit asked for was a Raphael costume. Well, it wasn't really a costume, just a red mask and Raph's weapons of choice. And that's exactly what he got from his aunt, uncle and cousins.

I told them that if Biscuit didn't have it already, it would've been the perfect gift because it really was the first turtle toy he wanted. I assured them that we'd get it swapped out for another character, and it would all be good.

So when we got home this evening, we scooped up the package off the porch and after I cut the tape, Biscuit got to check out what was inside.

And here's Biscuit's, I mean, Leonardo's sword in action. (That dang mask just wouldn't stay out of his eyes!)

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