Sunday, November 24, 2013

My good helper

I have a very good helper. He'll do anything I ask him to do. He often does things before I even have to ask. And he always has my best interest at heart.

This post isn't about Biscuit. It's about Jeff.

Sometimes Jeff grinds on my last nerve, and sometimes I want to scream and send him to sleep in the shed.

But most of the time, I couldn't ask for a better partner.

Jeff doesn't see things around the house as my work or his work. He just sees things as "needing doing." He does as much housework as I do. He's always done just as much with Biscuit as I do. Lately, it even seems like he does more with Biscuit than I do.

He grocery shops (as long as I make him a list). He does laundry. He loads and unloads the dishwasher. He cleans the shower. 

My back is hurt right now, and I can't lift a lot or stand for a long time, and Jeff knows that I'm not a good patient. I'm stubborn and independent and don't want to be hindered by anything, much less a back ache. So he finds ways to ease my guilt.

"Okay, it's time for ... 'Dry It or Hang It,'" Jeff said in his best game show host voice. This game has to do with laundry. Some of my things get dried, and some of it gets put on a drying rack or hangers. Jeff holds up items of clothing, and I say whether to dry it or hang it.

Then tonight, we played "Wear It Again or Wash It." We ran a few errands today, and when I got home and changed into a sweatsuit, I left my errand clothes on the bed. As Jeff was getting ready to make up the bed, he came into the living room with an armload of clothes.

"Let's play 'Wear It Again or Wash It," he said, again with the game show host voice. 

He held up the jeans, and I yelled "WEAR IT AGAIN!"

He help up the shirt, "WASH IT!"

This evening, Jeff didn't something REALLY special. He helped put up some Christmas decorations. He always loves the way the decorations look, but he hates to put them up. I usually tell him that if he'll haul the boxes out of the attic, I'll take care of the rest. But this year, he did way beyond his share.

Our house is a little mixed up right now. We have half a bucket of Halloween candy left. The dining room table and front porch are covered with Thanksgiving decorations. And Jeff wrapped the stair banisters with lighted garland.

Yep. My Jeff is a keeper for sure.

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