Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Poor little man

I promise I'll get to the details of Biscuit's birthday party soon, but I have to post this pictures of my poor boy.

Jeff and I went to Biscuit's day care this morning for a parent-teacher conference.

The teacher said Biscuit is doing well. She went through all the tests he's taken so far, showed us some examples of his handwriting (still bad), showed us some projects they've been working on and went over what we can do at home to help and what we'd like for them to do (work on the handwriting).

We told his teacher that we like to be kept in the loop, so we can help reinforce what they're doing during the day. So it was a good meeting.

I was almost all the way to work when my phone rang.

"I know you just left here, but he fell on the playground and messed up his nose," Biscuit's teacher said.

"I'll be right there," I told her. I whipped a U-turn and headed back to day care.

I walked in the door and poor Biscuit was bloody and visibly shaking. I scooped him up and held him tight. He desperately wanted to lay his head on my shoulder, but with his face still bleeding, he couldn't figure out how to make it work.

I asked him what happened, and he said they were going out to the playground, and the teacher told them not to run. But he and his friend ran anyway. Biscuit got halfway down the sidewalk and stopped, but his friend didn't. He plowed into Biscuit, and Biscuit plowed into the sidewalk.

Jeff was at the house because he was working a late shift today, so I brought Biscuit home and got him tucked in on the couch with some juice and a movie in the DVD player. I worked a short day and swapped off with Jeff. It's really nice to have adjustable hours at work.

I gave Biscuit a very careful bath, but we skipped brushing his teeth for fear of making him bleed again.

Here's Biscuit right before bedtime:

Poor little man.

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