Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A few more birthday moments

We took Biscuit to get new jeans this evening after work. He turned 5 and shortly thereafter, he moved into size 5T jeans.

Biscuit's still pretty skinny, so he wears slim-cut jeans. But as fancy as kids' stores are now, we haven't had a problem finding jeans to fit him. 

I looked around online at all the usual stores, and saw that one had their kid jeans on sale. I asked my shopping guru friend if the store and the website had the same prices. She said they usually do and asked if i had a coupon. Thanks goodness for her because I saved 25 percent on my entire purchase.

We got home later than usual and quickly got Biscuit ready for bed. He's still really enjoying his big-boy bed. He actually even tells me most nights how much he likes it.

So in place of a longer post, I'll share a few more birthday photos:

Biscuit is holding a giant card that makes crazy monkey sounds
whenyou open it. We've heard it MANY times since he got it in the mail.

He also got a kids book about baseball, written
by a player Jeff likes a lot. The friend who
sent this to Biscuit is really good at giving gifts.

Biscuit checks out a DVD from Grandmama and Papa.

Biscuit got a soccer net, too. 

Biscuit's uncle helps him look at a shirt he got.

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