Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Super lesson

There are some facts of cartoons that Biscuit hasn't quite learned yet.

Everybody knows that on superhero cartoons, the heroes always win.

Well, everybody except Biscuit.

I worked late this evening, so Jeff get Biscuit's dinner taken care of, then he waited until I got home so we could eat together.

Biscuit was watching superhero cartoons in the living room. Jeff and I were eating and talking when we heard this little voice.

"Dad, can you come sit with me?" Biscuit said.

"What's wrong, boy?" Jeff said.

"I'm a little bit scared about this part," Biscuit said. "I think the bad guys might win."

Jeff went in and sat with him for a few minutes until the outcome, as we all can guess, did not come out the way Biscuit thought it would.

I wish I could tell Biscuit that the good guys always win - in cartoons AND real life. But at least for now, we'll try to hold his hand until the superheroes do their jobs.

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