Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy birthday, Jeff!

Today is Jeff's birthday. And we had no plans to celebrate it in the usual way.

The reason is that we thought he was working this evening. He had an assignment to attend a meeting and write a story from what he heard there. But when his boss woke up this morning and saw on Facebook that it was Jeff's birthday, he sent him a text message saying to forget the evening assignment.

The funny thing is that I baked for a co-worker's birthday earlier this week, but I didn't bake for my own husband. I didn't think Jeff would even be in the office today, so Biscuit and I had already planned to bake for him this weekend. 

Just to suck up, I stopped by a doughnut shop on the way in to work and brought in some assorted pastries. And I got good-natured grief from my co-workers about not baking him.

Biscuit and I met Jeff at the store to pick up a few things. And look at the toys. And look at the DVDs. And look at the Halloween decorations. And look at the costumes.

Here's what we found in the Halloween section:

Trying on crazy hats will work up quite an appetite.

Biscuit and I let Jeff choose the restaurant tonight, and as predicted, he wanted a steak.

Jeff got some nice cards, several phone calls and some fun presents, including the complete series of "Underdog." I think he had a good day.

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