Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making progress

I have so much to write about and no time to write it. I have little notepads lying around my house with reminders of things to share. Hopefully, I'll get to everything eventually!

Jeff and I took this week off work. Our original plan was to take a trip to the beach. We love to go there in October, and with Biscuit starting school next year, this would have been the last October beach trip for, oh, about 13 years! 

But we've done so much traveling this year. And we've spent so much money (new roof, remodeled bathroom, new tires for my car, several trips, plus all the regular stuff), we just decided we'd stay home.

Once we made that decision, we started thinking about all the things we could get done. Our list kept growing and growing and growing. But finally, I told Jeff, "Listen, we need to pick one big project and get it done. Period. If we try to accomplish too much, we'll get overwhelmed and not get anything finished."

Jeff is not a good multi-tasker. He does one thing at a time, and he does it very well. Then he moves on to the next thing. Knowing this about him, I knew that we needed to focus on one thing.

We decided to tackle Biscuit's big-boy room.

When Jeff and I bought our house in 2003, we didn't plan to have kids. We weren't anti-kids, we just hadn't really planned on that as a part of our life together.

Then my brother and his wife had kids. It's all their fault! The more time I spent with them, the more I thought, "Hey, having a child might be fun."

And three years of fertility treatments later, we got Biscuit.

We decided to use the smallest bedroom for the nursery. We figured it would be a cozy space. It was already painted a nice green color that could be gender-neutral (even though I was convinced we were having a boy from about two weeks after I found out I was pregnant).

It's been a nice room for Biscuit. He went from his crib to his toddler bed in that room, and he's had many nice naps and good nights of sleep in there. But I had planned all along that at some point, he would move to the bigger room down the hall.

The stairs go up into a loft area that Jeff commandeered as his movie room. Biscuit's current room is off that loft area. On the opposite side of the loft area, there's a hallway that has a bathroom, the attic access door and the guest bedroom. That's the room that Biscuit will be moving in to. The room is about twice the size of his current room. It has two big closets. And it's closer to the bathroom.

We asked Biscuit about moving in there, and he said it would be fine with him. So that's what Jeff and I have spent our week doing -- decorating Biscuit's big-boy room.

Of course I'll post pictures as soon as we're done, but when Biscuit walked in this evening and saw our progress, he said, "Mom, can I sleep in here tonight?"

I was shocked. I figured there might be some drama about moving to a different bed in a different room. But he seemed really excited about it.

Even though we're not done with the room, we made sure that all his creature comforts were there -- a table by the bed with his lamp, tissues, a coaster for his water and his books. Oh, and of course, Puppy!

He crawled up in that bed like it was any other night, and he's up there right now, just snoozing away. I don't think I've mentioned that the bed is a queen size. That little boy looks lost in it. When I tucked him in, I took two bed pillows, turned them vertically and made a nest for him in the middle.

Here's Biscuit in his big-boy bed. This picture makes me sad and happy, all at the same time. Sad because he's growing up so fast, and happy because he's so adventurous that instead of Jeff and me trying to help him adjust to his new room, he made the first move.

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