Saturday, October 5, 2013

Boys' day out

I'm working on a work project that is taking up most of my weekend, so to give me some quiet time to work, Jeff took Biscuit out.

The started by hopping into the Barracuda and heading through the drive-though for breakfast biscuits. Then they went to a car show.

One of the big-box home improvement stores had a fall festival and car show this morning. When they arrived, Jeff walked up to the table to register his car.

"Dad, who are those Army soldiers?" Biscuit asked.

"Those aren't Army soldiers, boy," Jeff told him. "They are in a special group called the Marines. 

(Nobody told me there would be Marines in full dress uniform, or I might've shirked some of my work!)

Instead of an entry fee, the Marines were accepting nonperishable food items and Toys for Tots. I forgot to tell Jeff that before he and Griffin left, but luckily, they had a donation box, too.

Biscuit got an apron with his name written on it and got to use real-live tools to make a ring toss game. He was pretty excited to show me his creation.

The Barracuda won one of five Best in Show awards. Jeff doesn't get overly excited about too much, but Biscuit was thrilled with the big trophy.

They left the show and went to get haircuts. Jeff took Biscuit to his own barber, and Biscuit didn't just get a haircut, he got a HAIRCUT! It's a little too short for my taste, but hey, Jeff took care of getting it done, so I'm not going to complain.

They got some lunch and ran a couple of errands, then they headed home.

I took a little break to hear about Biscuit's adventures and got back to work.

I'm jealous of their afternoon outing, but I'm glad they could spend some time together.

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