Friday, May 27, 2016

Spring break at Grandmama and Papa's

Biscuit spent Spring Break at my parents' house. The reasons for his trip were threefold.

1. We didn't have to find a babysitter or somewhere for him to go.
2. Jeff and I had some time to ourselves.
3. Biscuit got to spend some good time with his grandparents.

And I think the last reason was the best one.

Biscuit had a hard time the first day he was down there. But that's pretty common. He is such a creature of routine that he has a hard time adjusting. But after that first day, he's always fine.

And he gets to do things at Grandmama and Papa's house that he doesn't get to do at home - Pop-Tarts every morning for breakfast (sometimes with chocolate milk!), snacks whenever he wants them, skipping the occasional bath, you get the picture.

And luckily, my parents are still in good health and can still play with him. He's old enough now to remember his time with them.

Like having a lightsaber fight in a store with Grandmama: 

And riding (and driving) the dune buggy:

This is a 1970 Volkswagen bug with the body taken off and replaced with roll bars. We've had this thing since I was a kid. My brother and I actually learned to drive on it. It's a stick-shift, and I remember the first time I got into an automatic. "Where's the clutch?" I asked Daddy.

I love that this thing is still around, and it's still teaching kids to drive. I think my brother's kids learned to drive on it, too.

Biscuit will get to go down there for two weeks (one in June and one in July) this summer. He seems to be excited about it already!

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