Sunday, May 15, 2016

Baseball is almost over

Biscuit has one more baseball game left, and I haven't taken a single picture. Well, that's not technically true. I took a few with my cellphone.

Poised and ready to go.

The coaches tell the fielders, "Get your gloves dirty. Put 'em in the dirt."

I was holding my breath when I saw this happen
last week. The ball was coming straight to Biscuit.

But he snatched it up and ran it to first base. And he almost made an out.

Biscuit regales us with tales of his baseball success.

Biscuit did a good job at his game last week. He paid attention. He didn't look at any of the airplanes that flew over. He didn't play in the dirt in the infield. He knew how many outs they had, and he knew where to throw the ball if it came to him. I was very proud of him.

His age group is coach-pitch. That means that when Biscuit goes up to bat, the coach throws four pitches his way. If he doesn't hit any of them, they set up a tee for him to use. Biscuit hit two pitched balls and used the tee twice.

When they're in the field, the coach moves them around each inning. One kid in each of the usual positions, although the outfielders are more like edge-of-the-grass-fielders. Then, since the coach is pitching, there's a kid positioned on either side of the coach. Seeing as most of the kids are very good at hitting, the "pitcher" position kids get a lot of action. So they all beg and argue over who gets to play there.

Biscuit played there for an inning in the last game, and he did a good job. He got one kid out and came really close to getting a second one.

The kids have learned a lot this season. They can tell you how many outs there are, where they should throw the ball if they get it and when they need to tag the base vs. the kid. They're learning the fundamentals of the game, and you can see their confidence building.

Last year, there were so many weather events that caused game rain-outs that this season seems to have flown by. We have one more game to go.

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