Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Biscuit came into our bedroom this morning and crawled up to snuggle with me. It was very sweet, and I could've stayed there with him forever!

But alas, he and Jeff had plans.

"Dad, we need to get working," Biscuit told Jeff.

"On what?" Jeff asked, even though he clearly knew what Biscuit was talking about.

"Daaaaaad," Biscuit said. "You KNOW what I'm talking about. We're gonna do the thing for Mom. You know, the surprise? I don't want to spoil the beans."

"Oh yeah," Jeff said. "We don't want to spoil the beans."

Biscuit told me to stay in bed, and he and Jeff closed the bedroom door and went into the kitchen. A little while later, Biscuit brought in a tray with French toast, two cards and a present.

"Mom!" Biscuit said. He was SO excited. "Sit up. Sit up in bed and get your Mother's Day surprise!"

Biscuit made me a card and put stickers on it.

"I put balloon stickers on it because it's a celebration, and I put a baseball sticker on it because you always come to my baseball games," Biscuit said. "Then inside, I drew hearts in your favorite colors - red."

"It's really pretty, dude!" I told him. "I love it."

"The other card is from me and Dad," he said. "It's not homemade, but it has Charlie Brown and Snoopy on it, and I know you love them."

"Yes, I do," I told him.

"And look, there's a present for you," he said. "I picked it out, and I also got you a gold wrapper." (It was wrapped in gold paper.)

He had picked out pretty earrings that matched the necklace he gave me last year. Jeff can share more about the shopping experience.

"Do you know that you're the reason I get to celebrate Mother's Day?" I asked Biscuit.

He stopped talking for a minute and looked around the room. And I just wonder what he was thinking.

And I know that none of Biscuit's plans would work without Jeff. Holidays aren't as big a deal to Jeff as they are to me, but because he knows I love them, he always makes an big effort for me.

I love my boys, and they prove to me every day that they love me, too!

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