Friday, May 13, 2016

Some more sickness

I think I'll just start copying and pasting a generic blog post about Griffin being sick. I'll just leave a blank to fill in the latest ailment.

I got an email from his teacher Tuesday, saying he was acting down and not like his usual self. She asked him if he was okay, and he told her that he felt like he feels when he has a fever.

She checked him, and sure enough, it was 99 degrees.

In her email, she said if his fever went above 99, I'd have to come get him. And about an hour later, she called. His temperature was 99.7, then 100.2, so I headed out of work.

By the time I picked him up and got him home, his temp was 102. I dosed him up with some fever reducer and tucked him in on the couch.

I can go through a website on my home laptop and access my computer at work. I can't even begin to explain how it works, but the important part is that even though I'm not sitting at my work computer, I still have access to everything on there.

And it's a good thing because the child's fever didn't go away until yesterday!

We got an appointment with his doctor Tuesday, and before we went, Jeff and I got out our records and figured out the dates of Biscuit's doctor's appointments since the beginning of the year. Tuesday was his fifth appointment since February.

The appointments were 19 to 21 days apart. They went strep throat, Flu A, strep throat, Flu B, then Tuesday, the doctor said he had tonsillitis.

My poor baby!

Jeff and I whipped out the list of appointments we had compiled and showed it to the doctor.

"I guess you guys are probably tired of this sick stuff, right?" the doctor asked.

At the same time, Jeff and I both said, "Worried, actually."

"I'm not worried," the doctor said. "He isn't losing weight. He is fine between bouts of illness. He has no lingering symptoms. When he does get sick, he gets over it very quickly."

The doctor said his theory is that there's a kid at Biscuit's school who is a strep carrier. The kid probably doesn't have any symptoms but passes it along to other kids. I asked if it was possible that Jeff and I are carriers. He said it was possible, but he would put his money on another kid.

The doctor said the threshold is if a kid has strep throat three times in six months, they usually recommend a trip to see an ENT to talk about tonsil removal. Biscuit has only had strep twice, but even so, having two different flus (after getting a flu shot) and tonsillitis might prompt us to take him anyway. Jeff and I need to discuss it some more.

Yesterday evening, Biscuit was finally feeling better. He was sitting on mine and Jeff's bed watching TV. I walked to the door and peeked around the corner at him. He started giggling because he knows that when I do that, I usually follow it up by running into the room, jumping on the bed and grabbing him. Next may be kisses or tickling or general annoyance, you know, whatever I feel like doing to him!

So I ran in and reached to grab him. Instead of lunging forward (like he and I both thought he was going to), he fell back and his head met my eye.

Of course, I told Jeff that he better behave himself or I might change my story!

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