Thursday, May 19, 2016

Out of the mouth of my babe

A few things Biscuit has said recently:

A little off the top: My poor Biscuit has been asking me for over a week to get him a haircut, and honest to goodness, I just couldn't come up with a time to take him. Between the shop's hours and what we have to accomplish every day (homework, reading, piano, dinner, bath, etc.), it took me quite a while to make it happen.

I made Biscuit's appointment for Tuesday evening. When we got home, I stuck him straight in the shower to get all the hair pieces off him.

When Jeff got home, Biscuit's hair was still wet, but he walked up to Jeff and said, "Dad, do you notice anything different about me?" And he turned his head back and forth (no, not obvious at all!).

"Hey! You got your hair cut," Jeff said.

Biscuit loves to learn new words, and sometimes he gets the hang of them right away ... but sometimes he doesn't quite get it.

"I DID get my hair cut, Dad," Biscuit said. "I'll admit that it was in my eyes. I couldn't even see. I'll admit that."

Sometimes we tell him how a word should be used. But then sometimes, like this time, we just laugh at him behind his back!

Still "Star Wars": Biscuit was drinking water from a plastic cup one day, and I noticed him bring it up to his mouth, then take it back down again. I wondered what he was doing, but before I could ask, he told Jeff.

"Dad, did you know that if you breathe in a cup, you sound like Darth Vader?" Biscuit said. 

"You do?" Jeff asked.

"Yes. Yes you do," Biscuit said. "You know why? Because when you breathe into the cup, your breath is reflected back to you. And that sounds like Darth Vader."

Stinky-ness: Biscuit has seasonal allergies pretty bad in the spring, so we're used to seeing him blow his nose a lot.

One day, I saw him blowing it, and I asked if his allergies were bothering him.

"No. No they're not," Biscuit said.

"Well why are you blowing your nose?" I asked.

"I put something in the trashcan, and it stinks in there," Biscuit said. "I'm blowing my nose to get rid of the smell molecules."

"Does that work?" I asked.

"Well, my thought is that if I get rid of the smell molecules, it won't smell bad anymore," Biscuit said.

Sounds logical to me.

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