Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Appreciating your teacher

Biscuit hasn't had a great week behavior-wise. Don't worry, it's nothing major. He just can't seem to keep his mouth shut during class.

I don't often write about Biscuit misbehaving because 1. he actually doesn't do it that often and 2. I don't ever want this blog to be embarrassing for him.

But it's been a trying week!

It's also Teacher Appreciation Week, and Biscuit wanted to do something special for his teacher.

Biscuit and his teacher have a journal that they pass back and forth, and in one of his entries, he wrote about his piano competitions. She always responds to his entries, and she said she would love to hear him play sometime.

So I helped Biscuit make three short videos to send to his teacher - one of him talking and two of him playing the piano.

Check 'em out:

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