Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fully credentialed Biscuit

Biscuit has had some sense of Jeff's job for a while now, but there was still some gray area.

Like the week of the Super Bowl. He was so excited to talk to Jeff about it.

"Dad," Biscuit said. "I bet you're gonna be really busy this week, right?"

"Why's that, dude?" Jeff asked.

"Because you're a sports writer, and this week is the Super Bowl," Biscuit said.

And Jeff had to explain that even though he had covered several of the games that led up to the Super Bowl, he wouldn't actually be going to California for the game.

"The playoff games I went to are closer to home," Jeff explained, "but the big game this week is on the other side of the country."

Biscuit was a little disappointed because he thought he had figured it all out.

So Jeff asked me if I thought Biscuit might like collecting his press passes. I told him I thought Biscuit would really like that because it would be something cool just between the two of them.

So I bought a hook and mounted it on the wall in Biscuit's room. Then Jeff started to give him the passes. And the best part is that when he gives Biscuit a pass, Jeff explains what the event was and what he had to do there.

The passes are from basketball, football, ping-pong, golf and whatever other sports you can think of.

Here's Biscuit's hook and his press passes. And every pass has included a story.

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