Saturday, April 9, 2016

Baseball begins

It's time for baseball.

Biscuit played for our local Y last year, and we found it much more organized and better-coached than the rec league we did the first year. So we signed him up again this year.

They've had three practices, and today was their first game.

Biscuit couldn't play at the first practice. He had the flu. We went so he could meet the coach and the other kids, but I wouldn't let him get near anybody. He and Jeff went to the next practice alone because I was packing his clothes for his spring break trip to his grandparents' house. Then this week, Jeff had a late assignment, and I had to take him. It was windy and cold, and I wish I could've done like a bunch of the other parents and sat in the car. I guess I could've, but if Biscuit was out there playing in that weather, I wanted to support him.

Jeff is helping out again this year, too. It's really nice to see several of the dads helping. And it seems like all of the dads are patient and have the kids' learning and best interest at heart.

Today was another cold and windy day. The temperature was in the 40s, but my weather app said it felt like 39. And I agree! Here it is April, and I had to wear sweatshirt and a coat, and I was still cold. I pulled my coat collar up, and I was wearing a cap, so all you could see of me was my eyes! I felt bad for the kids out there in their thin little uniforms. Some kids even kept their jackets on.

I love seeing all the kids running out on the field. They're so cute in their uniforms and cleats. They did a good job, too. Most of them are starting to understand what SHOULD happen, even if they can't actually MAKE it happen yet. Like, they understand that if they stop the ball, they should throw it to first base, but when they throw the ball, it doesn't actually make it to first base. But as their little arms get stronger, that stuff will improve.

Biscuit struggled in the field today. He was playing second base at one point, and another kid stopped the ball and would've thrown it to second base to get a kid out, but Biscuit hadn't run to the base. He did better with his batting. He got three hits in three at-bats.

This might sound crazy, but I kind of like that baseball is a little bit of a struggle for Biscuit. The music stuff has come easily to him. Don't get me wrong, he practices aplenty, but some of his musical ability is innate. But he has to work hard at baseball, and I think it's a good lesson for him.

Here's Biscuit in this year's uniform.

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