Sunday, July 6, 2014

Biscuit the graduate

Jeff and I were a little concerned about Biscuit's graduation. He was at his grandparents' house during most of the graduation practices.

But there was no need to worry. He got enough practice to mix right in with all the other kids.

Biscuit is so weird right now about having his picture taken. There are times when he loves it and times when he doesn't. Take a look at this pre-graduation picture and guess which frame of mind he was in!

So we got to day care, and they took the kids into one room and sent the parents back to the big room. We had to sit on the same chairs as the kids. Yeah, THAT was comfortable!

The kids filed in wearing their caps and gowns. Cute as they could be.

I'm not sure who put his cap on, but did they not
notice that stray piece of hair on his forehead?

There was an introduction from the day care director. Then it was time for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Biscuit and one of his friends led the pledge. Biscuit held the flag, and his friend asked everyone to stand.

I put my hand over my heart and just happened to be looking at Biscuit when I did it. I guess he thought I was telling him to do the same thing, but he whispered to tell me that since he was holding the flag, he didn't have to do that.

He wasn't as quiet as he thought he was.


The kids sung some cute songs, some of which Biscuit has sung at home, but a few I hadn't heard before. Then they gave flowers to their teacher.

I've heard some other moms criticizing Biscuit's teacher because she's strict on the kids. They do walk the line in her class. But Jeff and I are fine with the structure in her class because Biscuit responds well to it. He has learned so much and is ready for kindergarten because of what he's learned in her class

Then they handed out the diplomas. They did it just like high school graduation - they called out the kids' first, middle and last names. It was very cute.

And then the kids had a surprise for the parents. They had been working on singing the song "Happy," complete with cool hats and sunglasses.

Toward the end of the song, the kids came out and grabbed their parents to dance with them.

And then they danced with their teacher.

And then the kids had one more surprise. They had decorated shoe boxes and filled them with booklets they had made about themselves. They included their handprints and footprints. They wrote their names and some other words, letters and numbers. They took pictures on an outing to the park. They had a photo collage of all the kids in their caps and gowns. And some other really cute and fun projects.

The kids presented the boxes to their parents.

After the graduation ceremony, everyone walked next door to the Mexican restaurant for food and cake.

When we got home, Biscuit wanted to pose for a few fun cap and gown photos. Look at how much fun he was having in these pictures vs. his face in the picture before his graduation. It's crazy how back and forth he goes on having photos taken.

I think I'll have him pose like this when he graduates from high school.

Silly boy said this is the hamster dance.

It was a fun evening, and we were very proud of how good Biscuit was during the ceremony. And he seemed to have a good time, too.

And now we get ready for kindergarten!

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