Thursday, July 24, 2014

Out of the mouth of my babe

A few things Biscuit has said recently:

Thought process: Sometimes I'll look at Biscuit, and you can just tell that his mind is a thousand miles away.

And I almost always love hearing the answer when I say, "What are you thinking about?"

One morning a few days before my birthday, I asked that very question.

And Biscuit said, "I was thinking in my head that it's always somebody's birthday, either in our town or somewhere around the world in another country."

"Yeah, that's true," I said.

"That's just what I was thinking, Mom," Biscuit said.

Good fortune: We went to our favorite Asian food restaurant this evening for dinner. And when the fortune cookies came at the end, I found a perfect opportunity to mess with Biscuit.

The first time Biscuit had a fortune cookie, it never occurred to me that he didn't know there was a message inside. He cracked open his cookie, and with wide eyes, said, "Hey! Mine has a note inside!" And he still calls them notes.

"What does my note say, Mom?" Biscuit asked.

"Hmmm. Let me see," I said. I took my time turning the fortune over and holding it up. "It says, 'Always do what your mother says.'"

"Moooooom," Biscuit said. "That's not what it says."

"Okay, okay," I said. "I'll tell you what it really says. It says, 'Your Dad  never really liked you that much.'"

"Mom! You're not telling me the truth," Biscuit said.

"How do you know?" I said.

"Actually because Dad loves me," Biscuit said.

"Okay, okay," I said. "Here's what it REALLY says, 'Today is a good time to take some extra relaxation.'"

Biscuit looked at me, he smiled real big, tucked his hands behind his head, leaned back a little bit, and said, "Ahhhhhhhhh!"

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