Sunday, July 13, 2014

Step aside, Robin Hood

Biscuit got a real bow and some arrows from Santa Claus, and even though he and Jeff have talked about some technique, he hasn't actually shot the thing until today.

We didn't have a target for him, and Lord knows I didn't want him to shoot at anything BUT a target. The target is just one of those things that we've been meaning to get, but just haven't remembered. So last week, I ordered one for him.

It came in a huge plastic mailing package, but I could pick it up with two fingers. It's basically a big block of foam. Biscuit was so excited.

So while two of my friends took me out for my birthday this afternoon ... 

Jeff and Biscuit went in the backyard to put their talks into action.

I want to see him do it, and of course take some pictures. But here's a video of Biscuit explaining what he learned.

Biscuit told me that you hold your one arm out very straight, and you make sure to wear the arm guard or it can scrape you. And Biscuit found out for himself how that feels because he turned his wrist out and got a nice little burn on his arm. Nothing major, just a red mark. But hey, Jeff said he held his arm straight after that.

On his first few shots, the arrow bounced off the target, but Jeff said once an arrow actually went into the target, Biscuit was quite impressed with himself.

Biscuit said you pull the string back with three fingers, and you make sure you keep your thumb and pinkie out of the way. You can use two fingers to help steady the bow, then you just let the string roll off your fingers. I wish I could've gotten him to explain it all on video. He was so serious about it.

I love to see Biscuit excited about learning something new.

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