Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Practice makes perfect

Biscuit's piano lesson this week was SO much better than his lesson two weeks ago. I guess threatening him within an inch of his life worked!

He only interrupted a couple of times, and he did everything his teacher asked him to do, and he did it the first time he was asked.

Biscuit loves to play the pipe organ the teacher has in his music room, but as I explained to Biscuit at his last lesson, getting to play the organ is a reward for a good lesson. I guess the teacher remembered me saying that because at the end of Biscuit's lesson, his teacher said, "Would you like to play the songs you memorized on the organ?"

"YES!" Biscuit said, excitedly.

The teacher set up everything, and Biscuit climbed up on the organ.

I've been thinking lately when I look at Biscuit just how big he's gotten. But sitting on that organ stool, he looked kinda small again.

He played a few songs, and his teacher played with him on a couple. On each song in Biscuit's book, there's a teachers accompaniment at the bottom of the page. I've played a couple with Biscuit, but he gets too distracted.

Biscuit told his teacher the same thing he told me, "I just can't pay attention when you play, too."

But after a couple of starts and stops, they got it together, and it sounded really nice.

After I got up to sneak the picture above, I turned back around the corner to my spot on the couch. Except, there was no room for me! Jeff had taken up with another woman!

I had to work late this evening, so Jeff picked up Biscuit. Since Jeff knew I would be cooking dinner later than usual, he gave Biscuit a snack. They started watching TV, but Jeff said, "Dude! We shouldn't be doing this. You're not supposed to be watching TV before you practice piano. ... But I guess we'll just let it slide tonight." Then Jeff went to change his clothes.

As he made his way into our bathroom, he heard the piano. Biscuit had started practicing by himself.

So it seems like we're back in a good place ... well, at least for now!

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