Monday, July 7, 2014

Running, bouncing and flying through the air

Biscuit and I had a date with another couple last week. We met my friend and her son at the bounce house.

There are a couple of local advertising companies that send out coupons every so often, and I was excited when the last envelope we got included $20 off one of the local bounce houses. And since admission is $10, that added up to an afternoon of free babysitting!

Our boys are old enough now that we can let them run around on their own, just checking in every so often. That leaves time for us moms to have an actual conversation.

The bounce houses are lots of fun for the kids. Plus, the get a lot of physical activity. All the inflatables require climbing and crawling and sliding.

And on this trip, Biscuit got brave.

There's a kid-size zipline there, and he's been convinced he was too small for it until this trip.

The thing about Biscuit is that he is quite brave, but he is not at all tough. He'll be the first one to jump, then the one to cry the longest when he falls.

But he did a really good job on the zipline.

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