Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Break

I woke up this morning and rolled over to look at the clock. I saw the time and thought to myself, "I can't believe he isn't up yet."

We try to keep Biscuit's schedule the same all the time, even on weekends - although he does get to stay up a little later on Friday nights. So the fact that he wasn't up before 7 a.m. was definitely unusual.

And then I remembered. Biscuit isn't here. He's at my parents' house!

It was hard trying to figure out his Spring Break time off because Friday was a holiday, then Spring Break was supposed to be the following Monday through Friday. But we had several snow days to make up, and they decided that the Friday of Spring Break would work okay for one of them. Jeff and I went round and round trying to figure it out. We finally decided that we were not the only family struggling with this and that we would bet money that there would be many, many kids who skipped school that day.

We already had plans to go down for my nephew's birthday next weekend, so it all just seemed to fall into place. Then we realized he'd be gone on Easter. We've never had a holiday apart, so that was a hard one. But we knew he'd be in good hands. And hey, the Easter Bunny can visit anywhere.

So I worked until 2 p.m. yesterday, then Biscuit and I hit the road to meet the grandparents.

The. traffic. was. awful!!! 

"Everybody else must be going to their grandparents', too, Mom!" Biscuit said.

What should've been an hour and a half at most took more than two hours. And much of that was sitting still on the interstate. Biscuit took a nice nap, and when he woke up, we could see our exit, but we couldn't get to it. We watched that exit get closer and closer and closer for about 15 or 20 minutes. And as we finally drove up the ramp, I said, "Bye, bye, traffic!"

Then I glanced up into the rearview mirror just in time to see Biscuit throw up his hand and yell out, "SO LONG, SUCKERS!"

If I hadn't seen him wave at the traffic, I might've thought he was saying that to Jeff and me. The boy loves time at Grandmama and Papa's house. He also has an aunt, uncle and three cousins close by, and that doesn't hurt the situation!

I talked to him on the phone about 1 this afternoon, and he told me all about how he went to an egg hunt event this morning. They hunted eggs, made crafts, had a snack, played games and got lots of Easter candy.

I had a hard time letting him go on this trip. I guess maybe it's because it's been so long since he was away from me. I know they'll take good care of him, and I know he'll have a great time. But especially this time of year, when Jeff is so busy with his work (and stupid basketball!), Biscuit and I spend a lot of alone time together. And when your buddy is missing, it's just not the same.

I'm sure the time will fly by, and we'll be heading down there ourselves. And hey, maybe Jeff and I will even go see an R-rated movie!

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