Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fun time for Biscuit

Biscuit's Spring Break started with Easter weekend and ended with his cousin's birthday party. Biscuit refers to my brother's backyard as his "uncle's playground." 

And that's pretty much what it is. There's a trampoline, a swingset that my brother built, including swings a trapeze, monkey bars, a fort with two slides and a sandbox underneath. And there's a seesaw and a tire swing, too.

Everything a boy needs to have fun.

Here are some pictures of Biscuit enjoying himself.

Somebody has discovered video games. And
somebody has to have time limits on how long he
plays. Otherwise, he would've been sitting in this chair
having no idea that his cousin just blew out the candles!

He tickled me pointing that left arm in the direction he wanted the ball to go.

Good follow-through. Biscuit.

I'm not sure what he's explaining here, but it looks important.

This one is a little blurry, but when Biscuit is trying to accomplish
something, his tongue spends a lot of time outside his mouth.

I sure wish this boy knew how to have fun!

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