Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sick boy

Biscuit will occasionally get a fever with no other symptoms. It's frustrating because we don't know what's causing the fever, and if we break down and take him to the doctor, they always say it's viral. 

So now, we wait. We wait until he's had the fever for at least two full days before we take him to the doctor. It's a little scary because he still can't recognize or explain symptoms. Like, for example, when we were on the way home from my parents' last weekend.

We were about half an hour into our trip home when Biscuit turned off his computer tablet and announced that he was hungry. It was about lunchtime, so it was a valid feeling.

We had just hit the city limits of a small town, so I knew there would be dining options a couple of miles down the road. But before we could get anywhere, we heard Biscuit make a weird noise in the back seat, and he threw up. It was on his shirt, shorts and car seat. I was able to yank the car over into an empty parallel parking spot, and we carefully got Biscuit out of the car and started cleaning.

My bet is that Biscuit had car sickness. He was playing his computer games, and the roads between my parents' house and this little town are twisty-turny and pothole-laden. He felt action in his belly and assumed it was hunger, when it was really, REALLY not!

So yesterday evening, when I noticed him dragging around, I checked his temperature, and he had a low-grade fever. I asked him how he was feeling, and as usual, he said, "Oh, I'm fine."

He says he doesn't have a sore throat. He's not sniffly, except for his usual seasonal allergies. He's moving around just fine. He says he has a little headache, but that's it.

If he's not feeling better by lunchtime tomorrow, we'll call the doctor.

Meanwhile, as long as the acetaminophen is in him, he's fine.

Here's proof (and thanks Grandmama for the punchball ... really!):

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