Monday, April 13, 2015

He's baaaaack!

The boy has been retrieved. He is safe and secure back home. He's currently tucked into his very own bed, which he said makes him very happy.

I love that Biscuit has no issues about spending a week with his grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins. He didn't get homesick. He didn't cry. He didn't have a single care about any of it.

I don't think he missed us. And as weird as it sounds, I feel very good about that. He knew he was safe. He knew he was surrounded by people he loves and people who love him. And he knew that we were a phone call away.

Now of course I missed him like crazy. I found myself listening for him and being quiet at night so I wouldn't wake him up. And mine and Jeff's schedules were just all out of whack. We went to work late and stayed WAY too late each night. We only had one real date night, so when Biscuit goes back in the summer, we'll have to fix that!

It was really weird having Biscuit gone for Easter, but believe me when I say that he didn't miss anything. He came home with an Easter basket FULL of candy. He went to the Easter egg hunt at my parents' church, and Mama said he fit right in.

They had the event set up in stations - a story area, the egg hunt, the candy-getting area, egg-dying and games, including using plastic spoons to flip marshmallow chicks into buckets.

Mama said Biscuit thought it was a little odd that everybody knew his name, but he didn't know theirs. You know how he is about introducing himself, so I'm sure it freaked him out pretty good.

Mama said that didn't hold him back, though. He jumped right in and took part in all the games and activities. I love his independent spirit.

Anyway, Mama took some pictures for me. And of course Biscuit told me all about it.

The kids had to use a folder to guide their eggs through an obstacle course.

Every time I smell vinegar, I think about dying eggs.
They mixed things up and made some pretty colors.

The candy-getting area seemed to be
more Halloween than Easter. The adults
sat in a big circle with bags of candy, and
the kids walked around with their
baskets. Biscuit came home with
more candy than he'll eat in a a year!

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