Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Report card time

It's still weird to me that kindergartners get report cards. Biscuit's third-quarter report card came home in his binder today.

Here's a rundown of what he got:

Some things are judged by numbers. Biscuit's scores included 3's and 4's.
4 = consistently exceeds grade level expectations
3 = consistently meets grade level expectations
2 = Needs support to meet grade level expectations
1 = Below grade level expectations with support

And some things are judge by letters. Biscuit's scores included S's and I's.
S = Satisfactory
I = Improving
N = Needs improving
U = Unsatisfactory

The first chart is simple.
Reading: 4
Math: 3
Science: S
Social Studies: S
Writing: S
Music: 4
Art: 4
P.E.: 4
Media/Technology (library and computer lab): 3

And then they get specific.

Personal and Social Development - 
Demonstrates confidence in self as a learner: S
Demonstrates interest and participation appropriately in classroom activities: S
Demonstrates increasing independence: S
Cooperates with and respects adults: S
Cooperates with and respects peers: I

Work Habits - 
Observes school and class rules: S
Uses time wisely: I
Listens carefully: S
Follows directions: S
Completes class assignments: S
Completes homework: S
Handwriting is neat and legible: S

Physical development -
Demonstrates the ability to use pencils, crayons and scissors appropriately (fine motor development): S
Demonstrates the ability to walk, run, jump and throw (gross motor development): S

Strengths: Griffin is, as always a pleasure to have in class! He is a hard worker and always tries his best. Your support at home is what makes all the difference, so I thank you for that!!

Areas Needing Improvement: Continue to complete guided reading assignments, answering questions in complete sentences. Also, you can begin (if you haven't already done so) practicing addition facts up to 10 using flash cards, so he can commit those to memory.


All of this for a kindergartner. Can you believe it? I don't remember ever getting a report card this detailed in ANY grade.

Biscuit's teacher thinks highly of him, and that means a lot to us. She's really good about keeping in touch. If I email her, she emails me right back. It's going to be hard if we don't get a comparable teacher for first grade!

But the bottom line, though, is that Biscuit is doing well in school. Let's hope that continues.

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