Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everybody!

Biscuit's class at school had a Spring Celebration on Wednesday. His teacher always says, "Our Spring Celebration (and then whispers, "Easter Party") is coming up." I guess they're not allowed to call it an Easter Party anymore.

Their party was set up in stations. There were craft stations, an egg hunt station and a game station, all followed by a snack.

Here are the cute crafts Biscuit made:

I think Biscuit's teacher lays claim
to all the big cans in the cafeteria.

This was a bucket used
for the Easter egg hunt.

They did the painting with sponges.

Mr. Bunny Rabbit.

This was supposed to be a bunny mask. But the
cotton balls on the ears were too heavy. They wouldn't
stand up when he held it up to his face. It's awfully
cute, though, especially the cattywampus whiskers.

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