Monday, September 2, 2013

Family time at the campground

I kept waiting to hear Biscuit padding through the house this morning. But it never happened. That's because he's about 25 minutes away in a camper with my brother, sister-in-law and their kids.

Last year, I sent my brother a link to the campground's website and said, "Y'all should come up here and stay at this campground. We can come over and hang out, and it will be like a little vacation for all of us."

I didn't know that he would take me up on it.

They came up Saturday morning and will go home today. The checkout time at the campground isn't until 4 in the afternoon, so we left Biscuit there last night, and we'll head over around lunchtime and hang out until they go home.

The kids played in the pool yesterday afternoon.

Then we got quite a thunderstorm. We all piled into the camper and waited it out. But that didn't stop the campfire later in the evening.

And then it was bath time. The camper has everything you could need, including a tub.

It wasn't long after bath time that Jeff and I were ready to head home. Biscuit was a little weepy. That's really unusual because he has stayed with them plenty of times before. We figured out that he was just exhausted. I hugged him and could see tears in his eyes, so I started joking with him.

I pointed at him and said, "Hey! If you get in the pool tomorrow before Dad and I get there, you BETTER NOT have any fun!! You hear me?"

"But Mom, I WILL have fun," Biscuit said, smiling.

"You better not! Don't you have any fun without me!" I told him.

"Okay, Mom," Biscuit said. "I won't have any fun."

"That's better," I said.

"But I will," Biscuit said, smiling.

I felt a whole lot better leaving him smiling.

We're picking up pizza for lunch when we head over there, and everyone knows that pizza makes everything better in Biscuit's world!

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