Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fair night

We went to the fair tonight. We ended up having a very cheap night!

I had a card that got us free parking, free admission for up to six people and 10 free ride tickets, and one of my friends won a contest for four ride armbands, which entitle you to free rides on everything.

Poor Jeff had to work, so three of our friends went with Biscuit and me.

They gave Biscuit one of the armbands, and he rode and rode and rode. He was a little more daring on the rides that spin around, like these tea-cup swing things and the tilt-a-whirl. But he was not amused by a little alligator roller coaster that went a little too fast for his taste.

I didn't get Biscuit bathed and in bed until after 10:30, and I'm about ready to head there, too.

I didn't carry my nice camera tonight because when we got there, it really did look like rain. So here are some pictures I took with my phone.

Pondering the meaning of the carousel.

Tough motorcycle face.

This ride actually went a little higher than Biscuit thought it would.

Fair pizza for dinner. Not nutritious, but it filled him up.

The poor boy is lost in the Monkey Maze. But don't worry, a cute little
blonde girl came behind him, grabbed his hand, and led him through
the maze of glass. He went through the maze about eight times. When
other kids were there to lead the way, he was fine. But when he
was alone, he forgot to hold his hands out in front of him,
and he smacked his head into the glass ... TWICE!

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