Sunday, September 22, 2013

First ride in the Barracuda

Jeff and I have wanted to take Biscuit for a ride in the Barracuda for a long time. But the problem is that the car is so old (a 1967 model), that the seat belts can't accommodate Biscuit's car seat.

Finally, we looked around and realized that a booster seat would work with the seat belts. So we got one. And it's been sitting in the garage since June. Our summer just got away from us.

Technically, Biscuit is a few pounds shy of the goal weight for booster seats, but it seems to fit him well, and after I yanked and pulled and wiggled him and his seat, I was sure that he wasn't going anywhere.

Of course I took some pictures and a video of him in the car.

And of course I'll share them.

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jbr said...

This is the slowest Jeff has EVER driven this car. :)