Wednesday, September 25, 2013

At Grandma and Grandpa's

It was a looooooong trip to get to Grandma and Grandpa's. The 10-hour trip was plenty long, but we've driven it enough times to know where to take breaks.

The problems came from construction on the highway and slow restaurant service. The construction couldn't be helped, but I'm not sure what the problem was at the restaurant. Our server was very nice, but once we placed our order, it took half an hour for our food to come. Being on the road, that was not ideal.

But it did give Biscuit a chance to stretch his legs and be out of his car seat for a while.

He was really, really good during the trip. I bought a couple of new movies, so we broke down the trip into chunks.

We left home and drove until lunchtime. After lunch, we put in a movie for Biscuit to watch. After the movie, he had naptime. After naptime came dinner. After dinner was another movie. And then we were at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Biscuit is excited about the sleeping arrangements because he's getting to sleep in the bottom bunk of the beds where Jeff slept as a kid. Jeff's Mom had covered the underside of the upper bunk with a piece of fabric with baseball players on it, so Jeff was able to share that secret with Biscuit when he went to bed.

He's made himself right at home, and he says he's excited about seeing more of his people.

Here are a few pictures in the car:

Mouth full of chocolate chip cookie. The sun was coming
from the driver's side of the car, but luckily, it was still high enough not to shine straight into the windows.

Naptime with his pillow and blankie. Did
you know that red is his favorite color?

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Reoma Mc said...

I loved your photos! They are terrific! Very professional.

I'm amazed you did the trip without an overnight stop.