Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The beach

Okay, let me show you what our beach trip actually looked like!

This was my perch for a good part of our trip.

And this is when you look left.

And this is when you look right.

Jeff spent a lot of time behind those binoculars. There were birds and dolphins and all sorts of things to look at.

The place we stayed wasn't a chain. It's owned by a family. It wasn't fancy, but it was clean, oceanfront and had a balcony. And those were our requirements! And one of the best things? They had real, live keys! 

Sunrise over the ocean. Even though it was just Jeff and me and we weren't on a schedule, I still woke up at my regular time. So I peeked out the sliding glass door and saw that the sun was just about to come up. So I grabbed my camera, took a few pictures and sat on the balcony until I got cold. Then I went back in, put my camera away and crawled back in bed!

We had some really good food, including, as I described it to my Mama, "wads of cream corn battered and fried." They were decadent and so, so good!

My nieces and nephew gave me one of those selfie sticks. I normally hate those things, but they made a good point. They said they gave it to me because when I take selfies of Jeff, Biscuit and me on vacation, we take up the whole frame, and they can't see where we are. So I promised them I would use the stick at least a couple of times on each of our trips.

We teased Biscuit when we got home. I said, "Dude! I didn't know you had a beach house named after your middle name!" Sometimes, he takes things so literally, he'll just tell me that he's just a kid and can't have his own beach house. But that day, he played along. "I didn't know I had a beach house, either," he said. "When can we go visit it?"

It was nice to get away. And it was nice that Jeff was well and could leave the room, unlike his pneumonia beach trip back in October!

Next up, I'll show you what Biscuit was doing on his spring break.

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