Monday, April 3, 2017

Class of 2027

Biscuit brought a picture home the other day that was a little unexpected.

It said that Biscuit would be a member of the Class of 2027 (which I had never counted up before), and that his preferred profession was to be an inventor.

I knew about the inventor part, but just knowing the year he'll graduate high school was a little unnerving. I had a hard enough time sending the boy off to kindergarten, much less thinking about him graduating high school!

So here's "the hat" Biscuit wants to wear when he's a grownup:

I had Biscuit describe everything on his hat. I love my son, and he's really smart, but his art skills are a bit ... let's just say lacking.

So he explained that the black and blue things on top of the hat are special lasers that can be used for all sorts of things. The black thing on top of the hat in the middle is a wrench that can also turn into other tools, including other types of wrenches and tweezers. 

The thing sticking out the right side of the hat is a hammer. It can turn into any size or type hammer you need. The things that look like glasses in the middle are goggles. The orange thing is a test tube because every inventor needs test tubes. The big round circle on the brim is a button that when pushed, shuts down his whole lab. It's for emergencies only.

The things that look sort of like cars are his first invention - hover cars. He said he got the idea for hover cars when he saw people in wheelchairs near stairs. The thought about making a hover wheelchair so if there's not a ramp, the just put their wheelchairs in "hover mode" and just float right up the stairs. And I guess it wasn't a long jump from hover wheelchair to hover car.

And by the way, I asked Biscuit about the black rectangle on the hat band.

"What is this black rectangle for?" I asked Biscuit.

He looked at me like I was crazy and said, "It's decoration, Mom. It just makes it look like a hat."

Well, silly me!

I asked Biscuit if he had other inventions in mind.

"Yes, yes I do," Biscuit said. "I would like to invent a solar car that will provide you with a snack and a drink."

"That sounds really good," I told him. "Can you pick the snacks and drinks?"

"Of course," Biscuit said. "I would also like to invent a car that is automatic AND stick shift."

I didn't have the heart to tell him that invention is already out there.

"But Mom, there's one problem," Biscuit said. "You won't be able to park your car in the garage because it won't get enough sunlight for power."

"What if we put solar panels on the roof and lead the energy down to the car?" I asked Biscuit.

"That's perfect, Mom!" Biscuit said. "So it looks like you'll get to be my assistant."

I guess I've got 10 years to learn to be an inventor's assistant.

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