Thursday, April 20, 2017

Country boy Biscuit

Biscuit spent spring break at my parents' house ... in the woods.

Jeff, Biscuit and I live in town, so we have a fenced-in backyard that limits Biscuit's activities. We don't have trees for him to climb or creeks for him to play in or fun vehicles for him to ride on and drive. But he has all that stuff at Grandmama and Papa's house. And he has cousins - in particular, a 14-year-old boy cousin that he looks up to and wants to be like.

Ever since Biscuit started school, his spring break has been the week after Easter weekend, and his cousins have been out the week before Easter. But for some reason this year, their spring break weeks lined up. So he got to spend his whole week riding four-wheelers, playing in the creek, going fishing, riding the dune buggy and other fun stuff.

Even if it's only a few weeks a year, I love that Biscuit gets a taste of what my childhood was like.

Here are some pictures that were texted to me throughout the week:

Biscuit, his cousin and Papa went fishing. They pulled in a pretty good haul.

I asked Biscuit if he caught any.

"Mom!" he said. "I caught two catfish that were as long as my arm!"

Daddy cleaned them, and Mama cooked them. Of course, Mr. Picky Eater wouldn't try them, but Daddy and my brother said they were really good.

Biscuit has shown no interest in learning to ride his bike. That's such an odd concept to me because my brother and I rode our bikes for miles and miles and miles. We sent Biscuit's bike with him and asked his cousin to help him out. He made a ton of progress. Jeff and I just have to make sure we keep working with him.

Biscuit and his cousins made and decorated cookies. He brought Jeff a bird and an apple (for the Big Apple, even though Jeff isn't from NYC). And he brought me a music note and an angel because he said I was so sweet to him.

My brother and I used to love to look for crawdads and frogs. One time, we saw an otter down there. That was pretty cool!

That tiling runs under the road. And as soon as I saw this picture, I knew what Biscuit was planning to do.

Yep. He crawled into the tiling. Of course, he called it a tunnel. Mama asked my nephew, "Did you look inside before he went in there to make sure there weren't any snakes or anything?" And he looked at her sort of bewildered, which meant no, he didn't check it out first. 

Luckily, there was nothing in there, and Biscuit had a great adventure.

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