Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, everybody.

Jeff, Biscuit and I did some trick-or-treating this evening, resulting in entirely too much candy!

We covered our cul-de-sac then drove over to our friends' house and walked their cul-de-sac. I've learned that cul-de-sacs are nice for trick-or-treating because they're deadend streets and there aren't a lot of cars zooming through.

On our street, Biscuit is the youngest kid. One of our neighbors is just over-the-moon for him and loves to see him. Her youngest is in upper middle school, so Biscuit reminds her of when her own kids were younger. She always makes a huge fuss over him. And of course, he eats it up with a spoon!

It was nice catching up with the other neighbors, too. And we also realized that a couple of Biscuit's schoolmates live right down the street.

He ran down a driveway and started hugging this little girl, and in the back of my mind, I was thinking, "I sure hope he knows her!" And he did. It was a girl from his class that he really likes a lot.

My two favorite moments of the evening were ...

1. Biscuit walked up to one house and started chatting with the woman who answered the door. She put two handfuls of candy in his bag. I noticed a pattern, that any time Biscuit took the time to talk to whoever answered the door, he automatically got more candy.

So this woman gave him a good bit of candy, and as he ran back to the end of the driveway to meet Jeff and me, he was all smiles.

"Mom, that girl at that house gave me SO MUCH candy!" Biscuit said. "And she gave me a compliment, too. She said she really liked my costume. And I told her thank you."

"That's really cool," I told him. "And good job saying thank you."

At the very next house, a woman answered the door, and Biscuit started chatting her up, too. Jeff and I were at the end of the driveway, so I walked a few steps forward and leaned in to hear what he said.

He told the woman, "That girl in that house next to yours, she gave me TWO HANDFULS of candy!"

"Well, I can't be outdone," the woman said, and she grabbed a ton more candy and shoved it in Biscuit's bag.

"THANK YOU!" Biscuit yelled and ran back to Jeff and me.

"We're going to enroll him in business school for sales," I yelled up to the woman.

"I have a 27-year-old that was just like him," the woman said. "And she works in sales now."

2. The other moment was just something really sweet.

As Biscuit and I were walking hand-in-hand, he said, "Mom, you know what's the best part about trick-or-treating?"

"The candy?" I asked.

"Nope," Biscuit said. "The best part of trick-or-treating is holding your hand, walking with you and just spending family time together."

Holy moley! You can't top that!!

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