Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our nutty selves

Jeff, Griffin and I are very close. We recognize shared traits with each other. We enjoy spending time together. And we all have things in common.

But there are also lots of ways that the three of us are different. Even at 5, I can see parts of Biscuit's personality that are different from mine and different from Jeff.

Our dinner conversation tonight was a great example of what I'm talking about.

Guys, if you're ever at the beach, and you see a tree that has a coconut in it, get the coconut down from the tree. Then all you have to do is poke a straw in it, and guess what you'll find inside? ... Coconut milk! Can you believe that?

When I was in college, I lived in a dorm. It's sort of like a hotel but the college students live there as long as their in college. 

So one girl who lived next door to me got a whole coconut from somewhere. And she decided she wanted to drink the juice and eat the fresh coconut that was inside. And she came over and asked my help to bust it open.

I tried a bunch of different ways to get it open, but nothing worked. I lived on the third floor, and on my side of the building, there was a basement. So it was really like I was on the fourth floor. So I raised up the window, held the coconut over my head and threw it as hard as I could from my fourth-floor window down onto the sidewalk below.

And do you know what happened to that coconut? ... Absolutely nothing!

(And we all laughed.)

During World War II, the first American casualty in Guadalcanal was a guy who sliced his hand open while trying to crack a coconut with a machete.

(And we laughed again.)


So Griffin tells something that he's recently learned. I share a story about something that happened to me once. And Jeff references history. Yep, that's pretty par for the course.

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