Sunday, November 2, 2014

Here's lookin' at you, kid

I waited a really long time before I gave in to getting a smartphone. But I have to say, since June 2013, I've used that phone to take all kinds of pictures of Biscuit that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

And though I use my nicer camera to take pictures when we go to events or on trips, I love having a camera with me all the time. And Biscuit loves pictures, too. Sometimes, he'll say, "Mom, will you show me the pictures from ..." and he'll tell me which ones he wants to see.

Here are some random recent pictures of Biscuit:

Biscuit and I were at a stoplight on the way to school last week when
he spotted his middle name on the truck in front of us. There's one spot
on an interstate that leads out of town where there's a construction company
named Griffin. Then not far down the road, there's this building company named
Sterling. He just needs one more construction company to get his full name.

Poor Biscuit. Still 5 years old and
already wearing cataract glasses!

I promised Biscuit we would make Halloween cookies,
but time slipped up on me. So I went the easy and
quickroute by getting pre-rolled refrigerated cookies.

The making of the cookies was never really a big deal for
Biscuit.As long as he gets to add sprinkles, he's happy.

Sometimes, Biscuit makes a weird face then
asks me to text it to Uncle Greg. I'm not sure why
nobody else gets the pleasure of these faces!

Biscuit's kindergarten class has been learning about 2-D and 3-D
shapes. His teacher had the idea for parents to send in snacks in
the shapes they've been studying. I sent in cheese balls for spheres.
They also had triangle tortilla chips, square crackers, circle crackers,
cheese cubes, cone-shaped candy corn and Combos for cylinders. 

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