Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Out to pasture

One long-time member of our family has moved on to a new home. Well, right now, he's probably still sitting at the thrift store, but we're hoping he moves on to a good home.

Pinto/Blaze/Randy has ridden off into the sunset.

He came into our life in 2011. We saw him for sale online at a neighborhood where a couple of our friends live. We drove out and loved him instantly. Then we brought him home, and Biscuit was over the moon. He quickly named him Pinto.

In 2011, Pinto fit like a glove.

In late 2012, Pinto got a new name. He was to be called Blaze because of the light tan blaze on his forehead. Even though Biscuit's legs were getting a little long for him, we knew there was too much love there to even mention the possibility of him going away.

In late 2012, Biscuit was getting a little too big for
Blaze, but was still way too emotionally attached. 

In 2013, we broached the subject of the horse, now called Randy, finding a new home. Biscuit knew he was getting too big for Randy, but even so, he didn't remember a time when Randy wasn't waiting for him in the living room.

And in late 2013, we broached the subject with
Biscuit. He knew it was only a matter of time.

Flash forward to November 2014. At Biscuit's birthday party, someone mentioned the horse, and Biscuit said, "Yeah, I'm too big for him now, so I guess we'll have to give him to another kid who can ride him."

That was the first time Biscuit had seemed okay with letting go of Randy. Jeff and I exchanged a look, and we knew it was time.

While Biscuit and I were at my parents' house last weekend, Jeff took Pinto/Blaze/Randy to a local thrift store.

Jeff said he worried about it as he dropped off Randy, but he knew it was time.

After Griffin was tucked into bed tonight, Jeff and I were standing in the kitchen.

"Do you know that he hasn't even mentioned Randy?" I said to Jeff.

"Oh, really?" Jeff said. And I think he was relieved.

As Biscuit gets older, I'm slowly but surely getting my living room back. And as much as I enjoy seeing a little more of the floor every time we move or get rid of something else, it's just another sign of how fast Biscuit is growing up.

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