Saturday, November 8, 2014

Birthday party time!

Biscuit's birthday is tomorrow, so we threw him a party this afternoon.

He picked the theme of ninjas. A certain party supply business has figured out that I've ordered boys party supplies from them in late September/early October, so now they fill up my mailbox with catalogs. Biscuit flipped through one of the catalogs and fell upon two facing pages of ninjas!

"Mom! THIS is what I want my party to be," Biscuit said.

"Okay," I told him. "Which things do you want?"

"What about these swords?" Biscuit asked, pointing to plastic swords.

"What about THESE swords?" I asked him, pointing to some inflatable swords that wouldn't leave a mark if someone got crazy and tried to smack somebody else.

Then he spotted a cupcake holder.

"MOM! We HAVE to get this?" Biscuit said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It's a cupcake holder that looks like a dojo!" Biscuit said.

So we got inflatable swords, a dojo cupcake holder, a table runner and a couple of red Japanese lanterns. I got the tablecloth, plates and napkins from the dollar store. Cute parties don't have to be expensive!

I got the table decorated in the kitchen and called Biscuit in to see it.

"Mom," Biscuit said, pausing a few seconds. "I really like what you've done here, but uh ... I was, uh ... I was kinda hoping we could do it at the table in the dining room."

"We can do that," I said, then I hauled all the decorations through the kitchen and into the dining room.

Once I was done, I called Biscuit in to see it.

"Does this look okay?" I asked him.

"It looks better than okay, Mom," he said. "And just so you know, I don't like ... I LOVE IT!"

That's all I needed to hear!

I usually go overboard with food, but this time, I made myself cut back. It's been a rough couple of weeks, so I was determined not to get stressed out. I wanted to be able to feed everybody but still be relaxed enough to enjoy the afternoon.

Biscuit wanted chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing. I gave him some red sprinkles and put them in the cupcake holder. Biscuit opted for a candle that looked like the number six instead of doing six candles.

The only themed food I had was some kid-friendly "sushi." You make Rice Krispies treats and add a gummy fish and some fruit leather. It was really cute.

Biscuit and the other boys played well together, and Biscuit got some fun gifts.

You would think our friends and families were following a schedule for when to mail their birthday cards for Biscuit. He's gotten one card each day this week. And y'all know how the child is about mail.

After everybody left, Biscuit couldn't decide whether to be wide open or exhausted. He was still excited about the day, but I could see that he was dragging. While I was cleaning up the kitchen, Biscuit went upstairs and turned on the TV. He watched a show then came downstairs ready to play. I guess that 20-minute TV break was just enough to get him re-energized.

It was a good day. We all had fun hanging out with our friends.

Here are some pictures:

Ninjas guard the cupcakes.

"Sushi" made from Rice Krispies, gummy fish and fruit leather.

Biscuit wanted to wear his Halloween costume. But I told him that his
hood on his outfit looked more like Little Red Riding Hood than a ninja!

Biscuit makes a wish before blowing out his candle.

He huffed and puffed and blew out the candle.

Chocolate teeth!

Present time. He got toys, books, cards and money.
He was a very happy little boy!

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