Monday, September 15, 2014

Two down, a bunch to go

About two weeks ago, Biscuit discovered that he had a second loose tooth. And I think he remembered how it felt when he yanked out that first one, and he decided that this one could wiggle and jiggle for as long as it needed, but he was not going to mess with it!

And he hasn't.

But Biscuit was walking down the hall this afternoon, and something felt weird in his mouth. And he realized that his tooth had finally let go.

As soon as they got to their classroom, he told the teacher's assistant, and she went to get him a zip-top bag for it. His teacher heard them giggling and went over to see what was going on. Biscuit held up the bag, and she let out a big gasp. I'm really glad they made a fuss over him.

When I picked up Biscuit this evening, he told me there was a surprise for me in his lunchbox. Biscuit's piano lesson got moved up to 5 p.m., which will work better with our schedule, but that means that we go straight from school pick-up to piano. So I was rushing us right along and told Biscuit that I would check out the lunchbox surprise when we got home.

I could tell he was disappointed, but if we didn't keep moving, we would've been late.

Jeff had a night assignment this evening, so Biscuit and I were on our own for dinner. And guess what Biscuit wanted?! Yep. Pizza.

So we stopped by a takeout place and ordered. While we were waiting, we played Rock, Paper, Scissors. We talked about what he did at school today. I had to tell him a story about my childhood that he has latched onto and makes me tell him EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

Then we had a lull in the conversation.

"Hey, let me see your nasty wiggly tooth," I said to Biscuit.

"Weeeell," Biscuit said, "I can show you where my nasty wiggly tooth USED to be."

"WHAT?!" I said, like I couldn't be more shocked.

"Check it out, Mom," Biscuit said. And he opened his mouth to show me this.

So we made sure to put the tooth under his pillow tonight.

"Make sure you call the Tooth Fairy, Mom," Biscuit said, "because last time, I was at Grandmama's, and she came to see me there. I just want to make sure the Tooth Fairy knows where I am ... and where my tooth is, of course."

"I will," I told him. "Don't worry."

So I guess I need to go make a phone call!

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