Thursday, September 25, 2014

Biscuit has practice time

Biscuit is still doing a good job with his piano lessons and practice.

I asked him if I could shoot a video of him playing, and he said yes. But every time I hit that button, he either started making faces while he played or he seemed to be too conscious of me holding my phone and he got too nervous to play.

So finally, I said, "I'm gonna step over here and send a message to Grandmama. You play that new song one more time, okay?"

He agreed, and I stepped behind him to take a video.

There are a few things I'd like to mention. And yes, I am bragging on him. He's just done a great job, and I'm a proud Mama!

1. He never complains about practicing. Actually, he often initiates practice on his own. I never practiced on my own. My Mama always had to poke and prod me.

2. When I look at what Biscuit has learned in just 8 months, I'm just impressed. My first piano teacher was great. I learned SO much from her. But my second teacher had nowhere near the knowledge of my first teacher. And I didn't realize that until years later. And my parents had no way of knowing, either. You know what they say about hindsight. But my experience helped me pick someone for Biscuit that I think will be a good teacher.

3. When Biscuit practices and plays, and he makes a mistake, he always stops and fixes it. You can hear and see him do it on the video. It's a big deal. First of all, he notices that he messed up. Secondly, instead of trying to sneak it by me or his teacher, he stops, goes back and fixes it. That shows that he wants it done right.

4. He had only played that song a few times before I shot the video. It's a new song, and it's the hardest one he's had yet. And I've noticed that Biscuit isn't shying away from the songs getting harder. He actually seems encouraged by it because they're starting to sound like real songs instead of just little-kid melodies.

At this week's lesson, Biscuit got to move from C position to G position. That means he'll start playing on the black notes, too. And he's excited about it. And I am, too.

I feel bad for Jeff sometimes because the piano stuff is definitely something Biscuit and I share. But then, Jeff and Biscuit have baseball and cars and archery and other things. So yeah, maybe I don't feel so bad after all!

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