Sunday, September 7, 2014

A super out of the mouth of my babe

A few things Biscuit has said recently (with super powers):

Verbatim: Every once in a while, I'll have my laptop in my lap, and Biscuit will start telling me a story or the plot to whatever mission his action figures are taking part in, and I'll just start typing what he says.

Ever since we spent time on an airbase when we went to see our family at the end of July, Biscuit has been incorporating airplanes and the Air Force in his adventures. And superheroes are always included.

So here's what he told me the other day:


When someone shoots at you, it will directly reflect off of you and will go back to the shooter.
Because I am indestructible. Ching! Did you hear that? That was them trying to destroy me, but they can't. And they never will.

I also have super hearing. The sound comes in through a tiny little hole. If a sound came all the way from New Mexico and my armor was on, I could hear it straightaway. I would be like, "Wait, I heard a roar from New Mexico."

And I can fly. These boots, they contain invisible air jets. That's what I use to fly.

I always have my armor during rescues. It's what protects me and let's me save other people. You could even try to explode my armor, but it wouldn't work.

I also can shoot repulsor blasts (he has trouble making plurals out of some words, so he pronounces it blastis).

My air jets can go faster than an airplane jet. And the armor helps me breathe when I'm that high, almost in space.

And I can survive any amount of shoots at me. I'll do a dodge right out of the way, and I'll be just fine.


There was a lot more to it, but he asked if I would put my computer down and participate. And yes, he did say "participate."

The babysitter: Last week, Jeff and I had to go to curriculum night at school, and we asked a friend to hang out with Biscuit while we were gone.

She likes Biscuit, and plus, we promised to take her out for dinner after the meeting.

Biscuit doesn't get to see her that often, so he talked her ear off about school, superheroes and lots of other topics.

She asked Biscuit a question, but Biscuit didn't answer right away.

"Did you hear me?" she asked him.

"Of course I did," Biscuit said. "I have super hearing."

Then he was telling her about some boo-boo he got on the playground at school.

"But it's better now," he explained to her, pointing to where his boo-boo was fading away.

"Well it didn't take too long for it to get better," she said to Biscuit.

"Of course not," Biscuit said. "That's because I have super quick healing just like Wolverine."

I hope Biscuit will remember to use his powers only for good.

Eat your fruit: Biscuit has wanted to take a sandwich (ham and cheese, turkey and cheese or PB&J) and some chips or pretzels for his school lunch each day. But I told him he needs to eat some fruit or a vegetable along with his other stuff. But seeing as Biscuit seems to think that his whole body will burst into flames or something equally horrific if he even considers eating a veggie, I've been including fruit.

The first couple of days, he didn't eat his fruit. He claimed he didn't have time. Their lunch break is tight, but he has plenty of time to eat his fruit.

They have 25 minutes for lunch. They play classical music for part of the lunch time, and when the music is on, the kids aren't allowed to talk. And that's good. Because they get so distracted with each other so easily, and the music requires them to concentrate on their lunches.

One morning before school, Biscuit was in the half-bath taking care of business ... with the door open, of course! And Jeff and I were around the corner, sitting at the kitchen table. I've been including a note in Biscuit's lunch each day (which is quite a feat considering the kid can't read too much yet), and I whispered to Jeff that he needed to help me come up with some notes that Biscuit could figure out.

"I've got one," I said to Jeff. I motioned for Jeff to come closer because I wanted to whisper it so Biscuit couldn't hear me. "I'll write, 'Batman is a bat, and bats eat fruit!'"

"Mom, I heard that!" Biscuit said from the bathroom.

Now I think the kid really DOES have super hearing.

So I finally made a deal with Biscuit. Actually, it was a straight-up bribe.

"If you eat your fruit at lunch, you can have two chocolate chip cookies after dinner," I said to Biscuit.

And seeing as chocolate chip cookies are his favorite, he's been holding up his end of the bargain. But get this, every night so far, he eats one cookie, then says, "Um, Mom, I think I just want one cookie tonight."

I'm not even sure he realizes that he's done it every night. But hey, I'm not going to mention it. It's better for him, and it'll be a while before I have to buy more cookies!

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