Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Out of the mouth of my babe - from Grandmama's house

A few things Biscuit said at his Grandparents' house recently:

What's for dinner? Some of my Daddy's side of the family are visiting this week. We got to see them Sunday when we dropped off Biscuit. And the whole crew decided to go out to a buffet restaurant yesterday evening.

Mama walked around the buffet with Biscuit to help him pick out something to eat. But alas, he didn't see any chicken strips.

A restaurant employee was walking by, and Biscuit saw her. "Excuse me, ma'am."

The woman turned around but didn't really acknowledge Biscuit. But of course he wasn't deterred.

"Do you have any chicken strips?" he asked her.

"No," she said. "We don't have chicken strips."

"Oh, no" Biscuit said. "Well, I don't think there's anything here I like to eat."

And the employee had no reply.

"There's some chicken over here," my Mama told him. "Here are some chicken legs."

"Chicken legs?" Biscuit asked.

And here's the part where I'm embarrassed to tell you that my child has never eaten chicken off the bone. He's had chicken strips, chicken nuggets, boneless chicken breasts and pulley bones, but never chicken with a bone.

"Do you eat the bone?" Biscuit asked.

Mama laughed. "No, you just eat the chicken off the bone."

So Biscuit gnawed on his chicken leg and decided he liked it. And then he had to tell me all about it on the phone.

Add one more thing to the "Biscuit likes it" list.

Practice time: See if you can get this straight ...

When we're at home, Biscuit calls me Mom or Mama. I refer to my own mother as Mama. So when we're at my parents' house, Biscuit says Mama to me and her both. And here's the tricky part. When he's at my parents' house, and I'm not, he refers to her as Mama and to me as Kim.

Got it?

Anyway, it's hard for Biscuit to remember to practice piano when he's at his grandparents' house. And especially so for this week with extra family there.

Yesterday evening, Mama said to Biscuit, "Oh! We forgot to practice your music."

Biscuit said, "Oh, no. Kim will be so mad at me. Can you tell Kim that we were just so busy today?"

I called just before bedtime, and Mama told me what Biscuit said. So when I talked to Biscuit, I wanted to let him know I wasn't mad.

"Did you practice piano today?" I asked him.

"Well, I might as well tell the truth ... no. I didn't practice," Biscuit said. "We were just so busy today, Mom. It's easy to get distracted here."

"That's okay," I said to him. "Just try to practice tomorrow, okay?"

"I'll try ... of course if I don't get too distracted," Biscuit said.

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