Thursday, August 28, 2014

Different and unusual

Everybody from parents to grandparents to teachers told me that Biscuit would be exhausted after his first day of school. Actually, they all assured me that he would be wiped out the whole first week.

But of course, my Biscuit couldn't follow trend. He has been WIDE OPEN every day so far. He hasn't shut his mouth until we've forced him to go to bed each night.

He tells us about everything they've been doing at school. He has sung two new songs for us. He explains how everything works, including lunch, snack, walking down the hall, after-school playtime and on and on.

I can't figure out Biscuit's energy source because he's getting up an hour and a half earlier each day and going to bed an hour and a half earlier each night. And they don't get naps in kindergarten anymore, either. He was used to an hour and a half of naptime (or quiet time if he didn't want to sleep). Now, he has to make it through the whole day with no rest. You would think with that drastic a change in his schedule, he would be tired, cranky, grumpy and all around hard to deal with.

But that hasn't been the case at all.

He's been excited and happy and enthusiastic and just fun to be around.

I think part of that is because his Grandmama was here, and he wanted to share his new experiences with her. But partly, I think he's just been looking so forward to going to school, and mainly learning to read, that it's just been pure adrenaline.

This evening, we had the first sign of exhaustion. Jeff and Biscuit were in the kitchen, and as I walked in, Biscuit was crying and saying something in a really pitiful voice.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Um, I just want to do something fun and interesting and unusual, Mom," Biscuit said through his tears. "I don't want to watch TV or read a book or play with my toys."

The bad part was that he made this decision at 8 p.m. His bedtime now is 8:30 p.m., and he hadn't had a bath.

I decided last week that it had been too long since we played our Wii video games, and tonight, it seemed like just the thing to get Biscuit out of his funk. There's a game where they play music, and you mimic the dance moves of the person on the screen. Biscuit and I played a short version of it with a song he really likes, and it was just the ticket.

When the song was over, Jeff gave him a bath then shuffled him off to bed.

It'll be interesting to see what tomorrow brings.

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