Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Camping in

I talked to Biscuit this morning ... for about 10 seconds!

He had finished breakfast, and Mama said he was in the living room. I asked if I could talk to him, and she called him.

"Hey, baby!" I said. "Whatcha doing?"

"Um, I'm watching a show on TV, and it's right in the middle," Biscuit said.

"Do you want to finish watching?" I asked.

"Um, yes, I love you, bye!" Biscuit said and quickly handed the phone to his Grandmama.

This afternoon, Biscuit went from his grandparents' house to his aunt, uncle and cousin's house. I called to check in with him this evening.

He didn't want to talk to me then, either!

But my sister-in-law sent a couple of pictures for me.

I think you technically have to be outside to call it
"camping out." So I guess Biscuit is "camping in."

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